We supply uniforms for fire, law enforcement, emergency medical, hospital and industrial facilities throughout New England on both a retail and wholesale basis.


We offer on-site custom fitting–and provide silk-screened or embroidered monogramming for employee or team jackets.

As a small business approved by both the General Services Administration and the Department of Defense, we provide uniforms to Veterans Administration Hospitals and to Homeland Security operations.

Please contact us for more information.
Email: hirschs.lebanonnh at gmail.com
Telephone: 603-448-2454
59 Hanover St. Lebanon, NH

3 Responses to “Uniforms”

  1. Jon Sammel Says:

    I really lover your store great service and wonderful people.

  2. anharris Says:

    Thanks, Jon. We much appreciate your kind words.

  3. Kip Cheshire Says:

    I’m a former Neptune’s customer. Needed a change cause of customer service. Thanks for taking my order, working with me and helping me out! -Dan

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