We welcome your comments and reviews.

Here’s a link to a review that appeared in the Valley News. Thanks, klyeaux of Dover, NH–a longtime customer who writes, “Shop here before going to the Malls!”


We hope you had a positive experience shopping with us–and that you’ll write YOUR comments, below.

4 Responses to “Kudos and Customer Reviews”

  1. Jon Sammel Says:

    I really love your store great customer service and wonderful people. I go here to buy all my Boots, Jackets, and Pants

  2. anharris Says:

    Thanks. We much appreciate your business! Ed and Laura.

  3. Wendell Adams Says:

    Have been going to Hirch’s of Lebanon for about twenty years, for my work boots. Have had issues with my feet, and Mr. Hirch’s customer service is outstanding! If there’s a problem, he’ll work with you to iron it out. He and his store are the best in the Valley!

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