Valley News, October 22, 2016
Hirsch’s retail storefront to close in December; uniform division will remain. 


Valley News January 2015
Uniform Approach to Business
“Hirsch’s has been selling work clothes, rugged outdoor apparel, shoes and boots to Upper Valley residents since the store was first opened in 1947 on Court Street by the late Benjamin Hirsch. His son, Ed Hirsch, took over the store in 1982 and pushed it into selling utility apparel to local municipalities, ultimately making Hirsch’s one of the leading supplier of uniforms throughout the Twin States.”


New Hampshire Magazine May 2012
A “welcoming landmark” featuring “rugged outdoor work clothing, steel-toed boots and wool felted hats. What’s not for sale is genuine friendship. Third-generation owner Ed Hirsch freely takes the time for people in town who just want to drop by and chat.”

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